EBFC Launches New Parent Education for School Readiness Program

In partnership with First Stage Child Care Centre and Terry Tan Child Care Centre, a new parent education program is launching!

The Parent Education for School Readiness is a four-week group program for parents with children who are about to enter school for the first time.  The sessions are co-facilitated by childcare providers, teachers and early literacy specialists.  Parents will learn how to prepare their young children for school; learning about different activities they can engage in with their children to get them ready for school, help their young children develop a life-long love of learning and learn about different community resources and program they can access with their children to get ready for starting school.  Through the course of this program parents will develop a greater understanding of:

  • the connection between play and school preparedness;
  • how literacy supports child development and school readiness;
  • how nutrition supports a child’s ability to focus, concentrate and achieve;
  • the Early Learning Program expectations – independence, confidence, social and emotional, cognitive expectations; and
  • how parents can work as partners in their child’s education with Early Learning Program.

For more information on this exciting new parenting program, please contact:

Jennifer Reid-Kuess, First Stage Childcare Centre  firststage.bcalc@yahoo.ca

Tara Rowe, Terry Tan Childcare Centre  terrytan@bellnet.ca