Our Story

Since 1994, the EBFC has been successfully implementing collaborative programming in neighbourhoods of Etobicoke.  Our model of selecting program lead agencies to deliver the services on behalf of the Coalition, with service coordination and accountability happening at the local and team levels as well as centrally at the Coordinating Committee, ensures that the unique needs of each community are addressed and that strategies, information and resources are shared across the entire community of Etobicoke. 

The EBFC has earned a reputation in the early years sector as an innovative and successful service collaboration: 

  • The EBFC was the local planning table for the West Quadrant of Toronto during the 2002 OEYC Planning Process. 
  • We have been asked to present our model of collaboration on numerous occasions; most recently at the Sharing for Social Change Symposium hosted by the Centre for Social Innovation. 
  • In the Collaborating for Impact report commissioned by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), Ontario and Nunavut Region in 2007, the EBFC was cited as an example of a successful and beneficial collaboration.
  • The EBFC recently completed a comprehensive parent consultation on the proposed full day early learning and care initiative and submitted a full report on those consultations to the Special Advisor to the Premier, Dr. Charles Pascal.
  • The EBFC recently hosted a community “train the trainer” program for Reaching In, Reaching Out: Developing Resilience in Young Children and we now have four members of the partnership who are certified trainers in this program.  To date, we have trained more than sixty professionals working in our community to foster resilience in young children.