"(The Coalition) is an effective and critical collaboration, particularly in Etobicoke given that we serve a diverse community, we are made up of many small grass roots organizations with limited funding and or communities are fragmented. (It) works to connect agencies, share resources and information and advocate for our diverse needs. (It) is the voice for 0-6 programming in Etobicoke."

Online survey respondent, EBFC Strategic Planning Process

"In the early 90's, we were concerned about the coalition's model, and wondering how a coalition of so many organizations could work, but now, we look at it as one of our successes."

Key Informant, EBFC Strategic Planning Process

My daughter's name is Julianan. Last week, we started the program and I see that she started learning the skills like listening, following the rules and I am so glad that I'm here in the program. I wish that I can continue this program. She enjoys the program with her friends and teacher. She likes snacks here. This is a really nice program and she learns a lot through the program.

Program participant, ESL Preschool Program